Hi all –

Today I want to talk about a topic that is very near and dear to my heart. Worship. Now here’s the relationship that I have with worship music – it can move me to tears, it can make me feel the most joy that I have ever felt, it can illicit reactions and feelings I didn’t know I had in me – EVEN though I am tone deaf.

I love that about worship music and the whole concept behind it. Most people are not good singers, am I right? Most of us sing in the shower or in the car or even lip sync when we get a good jam on. But worship music, worship pastors, usually people in the congregation, but most of all God, don’t care if you have the most amazing or worst voice on the planet, because that is not the point.

To me, music is one of the most beautiful forms of worship, for obvious reasons of course, but even in the bible it is mentioned many times that there’s pretty much a never ending stream of worship music when we get to heaven. If you are like me, and love worship music, that is like one of the most exciting things in my heart as a human, about getting to heaven. Not only being able to sing worship music all the time, and hopefully sound angelic (pun intended), but to sing it literally at the feet, the physical feet of Jesus.

Tonight, as I was doing my devo, I had some words flow through my brain and wondered if anyone had ever shared similar feelings. What I wrote down was this.

Y’all ever have a song, specifically a worship song, slap you right in the face? I know that sounds very aggressive, but sometimes that is just how it is for me. Every once in a while while I am reading and devoing, I will stick some headphones on and find some new (or old) worship music to listen to. I don’t usually do it because it can be hard to focus on both things at once, but when I do, it is amazing how much it changes my experience and interaction with God.

Today it really felt like I was blocking out the world, not letting satan penetrate my time with Jesus because He was literally the ONLY thing I could think about. Every one of my senses were mesmerized by the holy spirit. My hands – touch – were holding my bible, feeling the words jump off the page while also writing all of my thoughts in my journal. My ears could only hear things that were pleasing to God, nothing but praise was coming through the headphones that physically covered my ears.

My eyes were reading the beautiful word of God, taking every piece of information in, with new fresh eyes. Right now I am reading through the bible cover to cover, so I keep encountering passages, chapters, even books that I haven’t really encountered before.

Smell and taste are a little bit of a stretch with this one, but in my defense, I was drinking my favorite tea (which also happens to smell amazing) that I believe is a gift from God, so really all five senses were included.

End excerpt from my journal 🙂

I thought how cool is this experience, that every single part of me is immersed in Jesus right now. And then bang, slap in the face. I have heard this song a bajillion times before and there was always a lyric that really bugged me. The song is called King of my Heart, it’s by Bethel music, featuring Stephany Gretzinger. They are a great group by the way, if you are in need of some new worship songs, I would highly recommend checking them out if you haven’t already.

The lyric that always got to me, even when I heard it for the first time was “You’re never gonna let, You’re never gonna let me down.” In my head I would always say, um duh. Of course my beautiful, faithful and Almighty Jesus will never let me down. This is literally the only lyric from a worship song, that has rubbed me the wrong way, and honestly I cannot even tell you why. Most of the time I just skip the song as not too aggravate myself – dramatic I know.

BUT – Tonight friends!! Holy cow talk about a slap in the face. I was reading Matthew 10:1-23 from my yearly plan. This chapter of the Bible is Jesus giving His disciples some divine authority to do things like cast out evil spirts, heal ailments and diseases, essentially, perform miracles.

As I was reading this chapter, the song started to play and for some reason today I decided not to skip it. As it was getting to the verse in the song that bugged me, I read Matthew 10:19-20. The verses say, “19 When they deliver you over, do not be anxious how you are to speak or what you are to say, for what you are to say will be given to you in that hour. 20 For it is not you who speak, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.”

Now I grew up being taught and believing that God never leaves us and never forsakes us, that is a pretty basic principle of the Christian faith. So in all reality this verse from King of my Heart, should never have bugged me. But it really wasn’t until I read this verse, while simultaneously listening to this song that it clicked for me in a very real way.

I have always believed that in my darkest moments, in my happiest and most joyful moments, He is there and isn’t going anywhere. But this idea that when I do not have the words, He will intervene and speak through me – uh what?! I mean I had heard this verse before but, really, He is never going to let me down! I feel like I suddenly understood that He wasn’t just all around us, He resides within us, how else would He speak for us. He is truly, physically the king of our hearts, and how unworthy of that are we?

Worship is truly unpredictable in the best ways and will slap you in the face when you need it most. I know that really it is Jesus who does the slapping, with love of course, but I just think that worshiping God is one of the purest things that we can do. Like I said, I don’t really multitask while reading and devoing but I gotta say, it is worth a serious try.

Tonight, was an ordinary night for me, and God still revealed something new and beautiful to me through worship music and His word. I think I have encountered God the most and in the most real way when I am worshiping. God is so good, so good and so intentional. I love that He meets us right where we are, and especially when we aren’t expecting it. I think that just makes me want to worship more.

If you have any crazy worship stories, I would love to hear them! It is one of my favorite things to hear, when God intervenes into our lives in ways we could never expect!


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