When I started this blog almost three years ago now, I had the intention of sharing my life with whomever and whoever I could. I hoped and prayed that somehow my stories, and all of my thoughts poured out onto paper would help someone or maybe lead them to Jesus. I had never been very diligent about posting because in all honesty, I got lazy about my purpose. I got caught in a trap of ‘needing to work on myself,’ which I believe actually got me off track rather than on track.

Over the years I have had many experiences with God, of God, about God, and for God. I find times of peace I have experienced because of God’s presence, I believe that He is always with me. I have experienced moments that have come straight from God, or looked back on events in my life and said, ‘that was all because of God.’ I have learned a lot about God, who He is, what He has done for me and so on. I have even gone on missions trips for God, stepped out of my comfort zone and went where He called me.

This last one though, for God has really been tugging at my heart lately. At my church, we just started a series about being “on mission” with God. I have learned about this concept and been taught it many times before in my life. I think it has been consistently presented the same way with minor adjustments here and there.

I have always received the idea of being on mission for God as being uncomfortable, stepping outside of that comfort zone, and making disciples of all nations. While I think it can be very beneficial to step outside of our comfort zone and do something like go out of the country on the mission trip, I feel like I can finally see the full picture of what everyone has been talking about.

God has truly designed every one of us with a purpose, with a plan. He gave us specific gifts, character traits, hobbies, likes, dislikes, skills, etc, that are different from everyone else. He gave us all of these things to use to make disciples. So this morning in church, I had this epiphany about what God has destined for me. To be obedient and follow where He leads me. God has given me all of the tools that I need to succeed in His plan, He even gives me the opportunities I need to carry out His plan, it is my job to step out in faith and follow where He leads.

The reason that I think this is an epiphany is because for so long, I feel like I was forcing a relationship with God, I was trying so hard to do what God wanted me to do, that I wasn’t really listening to what He had to say. I was saying things like, one day I will go on another trip, one day I will volunteer with the homeless, one day I will start giving to the offering, one day I will do something radical for God’s kingdom. BUT, right now is not a good time. Here is the thing – right now is the best time.

I don’t believe that God is calling me to go on a missions trip right now. I don’t believe that God is calling me to do something most people would consider insanely radical for God’s kingdom, and here is why. I think that anything that we do to further God’s kingdom is radical. I used to hear all of the time in church, that when you accept Jesus into your heart, there was a party going on in Heaven for you. Sharing the gospel to one person might seem small in the moment or in the grand scheme of things, but it is radical to Jesus.

Like I said, God gave us all specific skills that only we have. Maybe yours is painting, or singing, or writing. Maybe those skills that you have had your whole life or that you continue to develop, are the one’s that God has given you to do the most for his kingdom, no matter how big or how small.

I always feel, when I come to this part of my post, that I have rambled on for far too long. But I cannot help but share that I am so happy to be where I am right now. I realized that I need to slow down and listen to what God wants me to do, I see that my purpose is different from all of those around me and I shouldn’t mirror my purpose on those around me. I can see now that God has a very specific, very catered purpose and plan for my life that only I can carry out through Him.

The last thing that I want to share with you is a wonderful snip-it from our sermon this morning. Often in the church, we talk about sharing the good news. I know that our job is to spread that good news. But here is the thing, we as Christians, often time take the good out of the good news, instead of sharing all of the promises that God has for us. So I challenge you, whatever that looks like for you, share with someone close to you or someone that you have never spoken to before the GOOD news of the gospel of Jesus Christ this week. Do that small, or big radical thing for His kingdom and then get excited about what God has in store for your life.



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